I have always been keen on expressing myself visually, capturing the beauty of the things I see in my mind's eye or in real life. Through the years I have specialised myself in still life photography and mixed media paintings.
In my still life photography, I specialise in work with a vintage, nostalgic look and feel, albeit sometimes with a twist. For these photographs to really work, I developed not just my own style, but also my own technique of painting with light. This technique, which I honed into perfection over the years, allows me to create the exact right mood and feel that I want to convey.
Another favoured way of visual expression are my mixed media paintings. I explore the amazing world of my own imagination. A world that seems to be teeming with eyes, flowers and all kinds of symbolism. As a result, most of my painted work is surreal, overflowing with the aforementioned elements. Besides having a vivid imagination and surreal tendencies, I'm also ensorcelled by the beauty of the nude form, which inspires me to paint. You will find the results of this influence both in my surreal work and in my boudoir paintings. On top of that, there is inspiration everywhere! From our travels to the people around me to the Tarot filled with symbolism. So many things are just begging to get painted and I compliment my main body of work with works featuring these inspiring subjects.
Last but not least, I'm an avid traveller and of course I can not resist capturing the beauty of the places that I visit. I always have a camera at my side, resulting in gorgeous images of both nature & culture from all over the world. As you can see, my travel photography has won me an award.
I hope you will enjoy exploring my portfolio and that my work will touch you in some way. If it does, most of it is for sale on redbubble.com as cards, prints, posters, calendars, t-shirts, iPhone cases and more. My photography can also be found for sale on 500px.com. Of course, if you are interested in an original watercolour or want to commission me, you can always contact me directly via the contact form.
10 things to try right now
For their March 2014 edition Digital Camera magazine chose my Nostalgia series to inspire their readers to be creative with still life photography and give my painting with light technique a go. A full explanation of my technique can be found in this tutorial.
First prize at the 2010 Joker travel photography contest.
Joker is a nationwide operating travel agency who's annual photography contest is strictly for customers who travelled with them in the past year. You can only enter photos of trips you made, booked via them, in that year.
Although I've been travelling with them for many years, 2010 was my first go at their contest. To my delight I managed to win the first prize which is allotted by a mixed jury of both photography and travel professionals. The winning photo was "Grafton - after - the - rain".
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