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Light painting

Photography with a touch of nostalgia. Save one or two images, all were made using the "light painting" technique.

  1. Typed nostalgia

    A very old and lovely Adler typewriter, shot using my own light painting technique.Don't forget to read the fine print.

  2. Penti II among the roses

  3. Better days...

  4. Forgotten

  5. Flexaret nostalgia

  6. Ultra Fex

    Another instalment in my "portraits of vintage cameras" series, and as such, a new entry in my ever ongoing Nostalgia series for w…

  7. 3 Roses

  8. After the War

  9. Wooden love

  10. Tabletop of Broken Dreams

  11. A Starlet Christmas

  12. The stock market

  13. Teddy '36

  14. Espresso Bagagli

  15. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

  16. The hasty farewell

  17. Radio Electricity

  18. Birthday cake nr.40

  19. The Conversion of a Wooden Dummy

  20. Army life

  21. Bride of Roses

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