photography & watercolor

Peter Zentjens

  1. Light painting

    nostalgic photography based on light painting

  2. Other still life work

    Still work with more regular means of lighting.

  3. The world

    the world as seen through my lens

  4. Forests

    my take on forests around the world

  5. Black&white

    my view of the world in black & white

  6. Watercolor surreal

    the amazing world of my imagination

  7. Watercolor boudoir

    paintings inspired by the nude form

  8. Watercolor inspired

    watercolors inspired by everything

  1. About

    I have always been keen on expressing myself visually, capturing the beauty of the things I see in my mind's eye or in real life. Through the years I have specialized myself in still life photography and watercolor paintings. In my still life…

  2. Press & award

    For their March 2014 edition Digital Camera chose my Nostalgia series to inspire their readers to be creative with still life photography and give my painting with light technique a go.

  3. Tutorial - painting with light

    I can not claim that this is a technique that I invented myself. Far from it for it’s an old example of experimental photography. Let me start with trying to reconstruct the path that led me to where I'm today in the…